3 Card Tarot Readings for Love Career and More

Have you heard of the 3 card tarot reading to know more about your career, your love life, and more? This type of tarot card reading will help you unravel your past, your present, and even your future based upon the position you are in at this moment. You simply have to sit in a place that is quiet and shuffle the cards, and then ask questions. You can choose the 3 different cards on a site after hovering over each and then clicking on one that attracts you most. All you must do then is to press “select” and you will get the answers to your questions. It is even possible to get a custom 3 card tarot reading with a tarot card reader as that will give you more accurate responses to your queries. read the review provided here to get detailed information about the tarot readings.

How is 3 card tarot reading done?

When you pick out the 3 tarot cards for this reading, you should also think of possible questions that you would like to be answered for you and problems that you may be facing at the moment, whether it is in your relationship or career. When you read the card interpretations you have to see how these can apply to your questions or to your existing situation. Tarot card reading is a branch of psychic reading that interests many people around the globe; learn more about psychics here.

  • The first card is The Past. It stands for an individual or a relationship in your own life which has influenced such a question. This past may indicate your childhood or any stage of your life that happened recently. The card helps you understand your innate wisdom and strengths that will be there throughout your life, as also your innate weaknesses.
  • The second card is The Present and stands for the existing problem; you must pay close attention to it as it tells you certain things that you probably had overlooked earlier. It is the middle card which shows your present state of being and allows you to get perspective of it so that you know what you must work with and who you have to face. For instance you may discover that your efforts have been in vain so long or that a person you had trusted is actually unreliable. At the same time you discover powers which you can inculcate to grow with time.
  • The third card is The Future that gives advice on how to overcome your problems. It may give you options that you had not previously considered or individuals you have ignored. Our future is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty and this card can offer a magic peek into what may happen and where you could go on making some vital changes. So, the card helps you see which strengths you could develop and master, and you could even see where you are going to be, who will come into your life, and what possible good fortunes you may enjoy.

When you have drawn these 3 cards, you must revisit your original question to see if that has been properly addresses. With a good tarot card reader by your side you can interpret the images on the cards. This card spread is meant for you to take a closer look into your own life. It may be used regardless of whether you are satisfied with what you have, or keen to know where your current career is headed, or if you want to explore newer options.